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The disABLED have many needs which challenge their lives. People with disabilities face financial needs, mobility issues, lack of quality housing, as well as struggling with prescription medicine costs. There is help for people with disabilities. Government disability benefits, assistive technology devices, special housing funds, home modifications and others are all benefits which are available to the disABLED. This site will help you find those benefits.

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Site Content

  • Financial Aid
    (emphasis on disability grants, job placement, disability tax information and educational financing).
  • Housing Issues
    (including home modification, funding for assistive devices, and home ownership opportunities for those with disabilities).
  • Impairment Sites
    (anxiety, learning and mental disability, chronic pain, child disability.....more).
  • Prescription Meds
    (free and reduced medicine information and links, plus medicare coverage link).
  • Childhood Disability
    (children's disability issues, support, grants, healthcare and many other topics of interest.).
  • Forum
    (message board with newly added information and Q&A - registration is closed right now).
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  • I've launched two new websites. The first site is centered on childhood disabilities. Subjects on this new site includes: financial aid, healthcare, support, and benefits important to parents, teachers and guardians.
    You can find children's disability resources here: Childhood Disability

    The second site involves emergency preparations. This site will be of interest to those who worry about their financial stability in uncertain times, home security for their families, food storage, diy projects and many others. Find emergency preparation information here: Emergency Preparations